Friday, August 26, 2011

Troubles in Infographic Land!

Go figure, I chose a topic with barely any reliable statistics, just because it is so broad (all about money-winning statistics). So, I think I might have to adjust my topic to be a little narrower. I liked the idea of sticking with something money/budget related, and I found some cool stats from one of my favorite websites (my favorite because it's designed beautifully) The Knot (

I found some stats about wedding budgets and some about baby budgets (as in, how much babies cost their first year of life). I liked the wedding one, but there are already a bunch of infographics having to do with that, so I'm not sure. I couldn't find any baby budget infographics, so that one may be a little more original. 

I'll figure it out and hopefully have something going by Tuesday! Just wanted you to know so that you weren't totally confused next week!

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