Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ideas for Informational Illustration - Project 3

I am completing this post early on in the week because I am very inspired and excited by this project, and also because I do not want anything to distract me from finishing my type portrait!
I have some ideas for what I would like to do, and what I think would not only make a kick-ass infographic, but will also be informative and have a related application.

My ideas are:

-A step by step guide to a recipe
Not sure exactly which recipe yet, but I could illustrate various ingredients, as well as demonstrate the actual cooking process. This could be applied in any cooking magazine, website, or book.

-The Newspaper Production process
Newspaper is where I got my design origins and I think it would be really interesting to illustrate the process how a newspaper actually gets printed. Taking the paper to the printer was my favorite part! Plus, I could illustrate a really cute little boy in a bowler hat screaming "extra! extra!", which would be pretty awesome.

-Facts about Amusement Parks
I found some facts online about amusement parks (their attendance, favorite rides, favorite foods, prices, etc.) and thought it would be a fun topic for a traditional infographic.

Just some ideas for now, I am trying to think of more, but I am really interested in all three ideas, so I think it would come out great!

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