Monday, July 25, 2011

Project Statement - Editorial Illustration

The Project Statement

1. Background
What is the background for this intervention? Why are you doing it?
I am making this illustration to accompany an editorial that was printed in the Seattle Times that was about the possibility of bars in Seattle being open late, past the current limit of 2 AM. The article talks about how bars in Seattle could stay open as late as 4 AM, or else be open at the bar's discretion, which could lead to some bars being open 24 hours. The only other cities that allow this are Atlantic City and Las Vegas. This is an interesting article because it is the mayor himself who is advocating this, and he is saying that it will allow for an urban social atmosphere. Others think it will cause more drunks to be out on the streets at all times, or else turn Seattle into a party city like Vegas. I think that it will be interesting to pair this article to an illustration because it is such a unique situation and bar closing times is not something that mayors usually bother with. 
2. Target Audiences
Who do you want to reach with your communication? Be specific.
With this illustration, I want to reach the readers of the Seattle Times, because this editorial was not in favor of the mayor's proposal. This article will receive more attention if there is an illustration accompanying it. 
3. Objectives
What do you want your target audience to do after they hear, watch, or experience this communication?
After reading this article and seeing the illustration, I want people to have the knowledge to form their own opinion about possibility of bars being open late, and looking past the "fun" aspect of that possibility and making a decision about whether or not that would be good for everyone. 
4. Obstacles
What beliefs, cultural practices, pressures, and misinformation stand between your audience and the
desired objectives?
I think that a possible obstacle would be that people may think that it is not up to the city to decide when and where people are allowed to drink, or when they need to quit drinking and go home. Seattle is full of very independent people, and I think that this would be the biggest obstacle. 
5. Key Benefit
Select one single benefit that the audience will experience upon reading the objective(s) you have set.
A key benefit that the audience will experience is that through seeing a funny illustration paired with an article, it could make them aware of something that they may not have known about before. 
6. Support Statements/ Reasons Why
These are the reasons why the key benefit outweighs the obstacles and the reasons that what you are
promoting is beneficial. These reasons often become messages.
The reason why the benefits outweigh obstacles are because this issue is not receiving a lot of attention. If people really care about this issue, then the word needs to be spread to the masses. Although people may not believe that this issue is a negative thing, at least they will have an opinion and word will spread. 
7. Tone
What feeling should your communication have? Should it be authoritative, light, or emotional? Pick a tone.
I am going to keep the tone light and humorous.
8. Media
Digital Illustration 

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